Una delle prime interviste di Patrick: 1998!

27 09 2009

Innanzitutto, grazie mille a Tati per aver trovato questa chicca! :) E’ una delle prime interviste rilasciate da Patrizio dopo un live tenuto con sua sorella, lui aveva solo 14 anni e Joanna (sua sorella) 16. Aveva già le idee piuttosto chiare comunque! (Il suo odio per gli Smiths era già palesato :D)

Purtroppo è solo in inglese,se avete dubbi chiedete pure chiarimenti nei commenti!

Chatting with Japan Anti-Rock
by Andy-quirk

After JAR had finished their set at the Waterats three fanzine editors had been inspired enough to go and interview them (me included). This lead to the most chaotic and off the wall interview every conducted as every fanzine’s different styles of questions got completely mixed up! quirk would never lower itself to questions like, “what sort of food would your music be?”, just like Violent Pink would never ask what musical genre JAR saw themselves as. The interviewees and interviewers are as follows:

Patrick (P), Joanna (J), quirk (Q), Neu Resistance (NR), Violent Pink (VP), Assorted observers and friends (O).

VP.First question better be what is the name of your band?
P.Japan Anti Rock, which is an anagram of Patrick and Joanna.
Q.What’s your inspiration?
NR/VP/O.Aaaaargh, no no no!
NR.What do you think of the Pin-Ups?
P.They are complete tossers, they’re complete wankers who should just go back to their pubs. They asked me if I had breasts, I just said I was wearing a corset that day to hold them in!
J.They kept shouting at me to show them my tits.
Q.Does it bother you that there’s all this laddism in rock?
P.Yes it does, extremely.
Q.So do you see yourselves as kind of romo?
J.I’m not romo! He might be, but I’m not!
P.No way!
J.We’re not romo, nothing is romo.
NR.Why did you say that (to quirk)
Q.You’ve got to inspire debate! You can’t just tell people they’re great!
VP.Where would you have a statue of yourself erected?
P.I normally play theramin live, instead of violin like tonight. I’d like a statue of me playing theramin outside the Tagh Mahal, it’s a beutiful place. It was so beutiful it made me cry.
Q.How long have you been into forming bands?
P.Well I’ve been writing songs for about two years. I only joined up with Joanna for this gig but we work really well together, so we’re now working together as a proper band. We’ve been going for about a month.
Q.What’s the age difference between you two?
P.Two years. I’m fourteen and Joanna is sixteen.
VP.What’s your most vivid childhood memory?
P.I pooed in someone’s garden! I remember the parents finding me!
VP.Who would you like to be for the day?
P.I’d like to be Bjork, because I’m totally in love with her. NR.Does your keyboard have a name?
P.We didn’t use a keyboard, that was a four track! It does have a name though.
Q.(cringes at the direction the questions are going in…!)
VP:Look (quirk), we’ll cut out your serious bits and you can cut out our silly bits okay!
Q.quirk wants hard hitting news! But I’m printing everything!
NR.(sarcastic tone) So Patrick, what do you think about The Smiths?!
Q.Oh shut up!
NR.Sorry, hehe!
Q.So what do you think of the Sugarcubes?
P. (long pause) I can’t handle this conversation!
Q.Do you buy all your own accessories? (Patrick was kitted out in hairclips, glitter, makeup, bangles, etc)
P.Yeah. I got a few bits for christmas, but I buy most of it.
Q.Do you normally wear all this stuff in the street?
J.Yeah, he does!
P.Sometimes, I wear these sorts of clothes, but normally just have a bit of glitter with them.
J.I don’t wear what I’m wearing now ‘cos I’d get raped, probably by the Pin-Ups!
VP.What makes you really angry?
J.The Pin-Ups!
P.Right, we’re not going to talk about them anymore, we’re giving them too much space!
P.What makes me really angry are the people in our school. I wrote most of my songs about them. I had to change school because I was really badly bullied. People are still giving me prank ‘phone calls.
(Christy Satsuma enters)
VP.Hello Christy, Andy’s being really serious!
Q.That’s just because they want to know about yo-yos and sweets – and I want to know, “the truth”!
VP.Does anyone really want to know about influences? Isn’t that like the NME?
Q.Ha ha, good point, what do you think of the music press?
J.The Melody Maker is shit! Patrick, you remember what Everett True said about Bjork?
P.He said that Bjork had no feeling in her music.
J.Everett True shagged Placebo!
P.That’s ‘cos he’s, “so controversial”!
J.”I kissed a transvestite last night”, how crap!
NR.Has anyone offered you a record or anything?
J.We’ve got one (a deal), but this guy isn’t giving us any money. We want some money to do a proper recording.
VP.What about t-shirts?
P.Oooh, we’d like some of them. But no baggy ones.
(Andy quirk looks down at his baggy t-shirt)
P.Okay, we’ll make one for you! We’d like to make our own brand of platform shoes.
VP.Wow, that’s so cool!
P.We’d have Japan Anti Rock written on the sides of them. They’d be like the ones I’m wearing now, which are two sizes too small. These are real Spice Girl Pepsi ones! I have five pairs of platforms at home.
VP.If your music was a food what would it be?
(Andy quirk groans)
P.I think we’d be hot chocolate with double cocolate chip cookies. Mmmmm! I’d be that and Joanna could be something else so we’d combine to make a cultural explosion! What would you be Joanna?
J.I guess it’d have sugar in it because it is sweet.
NR.Haagan Das or Ben & Jerris?!
J.It’s all ice cream at the end of the day, isn’t it!
P.Nooo, it’s not just, “all ice cream at the end of the day”. (offended by his sisters lack of ice cream expertise!)
NR.Do you hate your parents?
P.We like them sometimes.
VP.Does it help that you have each other?
P.Yeah, definately.
J.We have to go to gigs together. It does mean that sometimes I can’t go to gigs I want to to because he won’t come.
P.(singing) “We’re forever together, never apart, sisters through and through”.
NR.My sister likes Spice Girls and Boyzone.
J.Spice Girls are brilliant!
VP.I used to teach karate with Emma from the Spice Girls!
NR/P/J/NR. Wow!
Q.Is it me, or can I hear Lillian playing?
P.I think we should go and watch them.

And that was the speedy end to the interview

Articolo su LJ intero qui.




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